Project Planning Using Aims Grid

So far, the journey has started and I am learning with the little time I have.

Permit me to tell you about what I learned from project planning using "AIMS GRID"

AIMS GRID is a project management tool and it has four components to it which are: Purpose, Stakeholders, End result, and Success criteria.

  1. PURPOSE: In purpose, you will have to check your pain points. what is that exactly, do you want to do? Is it that you want to unlock sales, increase customer base, or predict a price?

  2. STAKEHOLDERS: Who are the persons that will be involved in the project you are about to carry out? Are they the sakes director, marketing team, customer service team, data analytics team, or the IT team?

  3. END RESULT: After the project is over, what do you want to achieve?

So as an Analytic Engineer, you will have to create dashboards with your visualization tools, because the manager doesn't want to see excel sheets but beautiful results that he or she can interpret at once

  1. SUCCESS CRITERIA: how do you determine or say a project is successful?

AIMS grid allows you to do that.

Once sales are increased, costs reduced, or clients are satisfied, you have won as an Analytic Engineer.