How I developed an interest in being an Analytic Engineer.

How I developed an interest in being an analytical engineer

Well, being a data analytic engineer was not a thing I thought of coming through immediately in my career.

I am more of a software engineer. But as fate would have it, coming to the close of the year 2021, I got a call, to facilitate a class in ICT fundamentals; (which includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint).

Well, I knew how to explain and teach Microsoft PowerPoint and Word even with my eyes closed. I thought everyone could do that, but surprisingly, not everyone can. I didn’t do much with Microsoft Excel. Not because it was hard, but because, there was nothing I was doing much with it.

In the course, that I must take for Excel, I had to dig deeper to know more about Excel and how it could be used. During my research, I found out that for analytic purposes, Excel can be used. Or even to become a data analyst, one still needs to know Excel.

Well, I am still learning, and I don't know it all yet. I possess an open mind to learn and acquire new skills.

So, having to teach Excel, I got to love it. I started looking forward to adding new things and making this excel part of my acquired skill which could be improved upon by adding some programming language to it (python).

Fine, as a facilitator and a programmer who has taught scores of students the Python programming language, I was amazed that I could do a lot with just Python and Excel. and Python gives Excel more power.

Wow, in my heart, I told myself, "Bro, this is what you have been looking for." This is what you love doing. Analyzing a problem and proposing solutions to the problem Anyway, I didn’t relent after finding this new love of mine. I kept on digging and searching the internet for more.

This was how I got to know Alex Freberg on YouTube, and I learned so much. He taught SQL, Tableau for data visualization, python for data cleaning, and much more. I followed his tutorial through and I am still on it.

Alex Freberg shared a lot in his tutorials.

So far, the learning path to becoming an analytics engineer has been interesting. It is not so easy, but you have to push to get things done.

Emmanuel Udoh